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Corsham Twinning Association

Linked with Jargeau, France since 1981

Trip to Jargeau

Trip to Jargeau


We are pleased to report the first twinning trip to Jargeau since the pandemic was a success. Hopefully it's full steam ahead for two years time and even more members heading out to France. 2024 will of course see the return trip with Jargeau coming to Corsham. More details to follow.

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Hello! We are the Corsham Twinning Association.

This small town in Wiltshire has been linked with Jargeau on the Loire Valley in France, for more than 40 years.

There have been regular exchange visits during this time (we go there on the odd years and they come to us on the evens) and we hold fund raising events throughout the year (see event section for more).

We'd love you to join us, so please get in touch to find out more or download this Membership.pdf application form.
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Maurice Hancock


Maurice is one of the longest serving members of the twinning group. He's been on numerous trips to France and has built up great relationships with members on both sides of the channel. Language is not a barrier for Maurice.

Rebecca Harris-Stokes


Pat & Rob Cannings

Joint Secretary

Mark Campbell


Maggie Taylor

Minutes Secretary

Maggie can be found at our monthly meetings frantically scribbling down the many ideas being chewed over at committee meetings and then has the unenviable job of making sense of it all later.

Jonathan Fido


Jonathan looks after the website and can also be found on 'the decks' when we have visitors from France, providing the disco at our big meal.

  • Corsham, UK
  • As an association we don't have a traditional 'base' but our committee meetings are held at the Corsham Club in Newlands Road.

Get in touch with us to become a member of the association. Cost is just £10 per adult per year.

Minutes from recent meeting are available below.

Next meeting Monday 3rd February at the Corsham Club

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